Maybe your home seems a little dull to you. Perhaps it lacks character, and you’d like to add some more appealing elements to it but aren’t sure how to do that. Read on for some tips and tricks to help you make your home more charming and unique.


First, focus on your windows. You might add outdoor shutters painted in a bright color. You could replace the panes with a vintage style or even add oval windows in a couple rooms for extra light and an appealing shape. Don’t neglect your window treatments either. Patterned curtains or draperies can add a lot of charm to a room.


With a little paint or wallpaper, you can completely change the feel of a room. Choose one wall as an accent wall, and paint it in a deep blue or stunning red. Add a wallpaper border to the top of your walls, or put up a chair rail separating a painted upper wall from a wallpapered lower wall. If you don’t care to paint or paper, fill your walls with artwork and photographs.


Switching out your flooring can also add charm to your home. If your carpet is old and shabby, replace it with hardwood floors or creative tiles. You could also scatter fluffy throw rugs in some rooms or put down an oriental print rug in your living room or dining room.

Light Fixtures

Finally, don’t forget your light fixtures if you want to add charm to your home. Remove boring ceiling lights and replace them with unique options that fit your style. Do the same with the chandelier in your dining room and even your pendant lights in your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to use creative colors and forms.

Your home should express your personality and style preferences, so don’t be afraid to give it some unique charm.

By pauline