The capital of the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Abu Dhabi is a modern city based on the shoreline. Featuring skyscrapers, massive malls and the one of its kind Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi can be considered the heartbeat of the UAE. It is also well connected to the business and tourism hub Dubai, UAE which is only 140 km away. In modern times, UAE is the choice of the home of many people around the globe for reasons too vast to number. This has led to higher demand for villas in Abu Dhabi for sale. Looking for properties for sale in Abu Dhabi? You are at the right place!

What to look for when selecting a property?

If you find yourself wanting to live in Abu Dhabi, A villa is the way to go. You can do it in style when you go for the best villas in town at well-connected locations in the city. Villas are at the top of the shopping list due to several reasons, the most prominent of which is that villas provide traditional beauty and spaciousness without compromising on modern technological comforts. Let us explore the benefits of a villa in more detail which is bound to make them the first choice when you are shopping for properties in the UAE.

This is what a modern villa looks like in 2023:


  1. Themed architecture encapsulates beauty and luxury: The new villas in Abu Dhabi are built with art and culture in mind. The place you call home needs to provide you with a connection to the place. A sense of belonging, and a welcoming aura to the architecture. The villas in Abu Dhabi boast Mediterranean architecture themes and well-laid-out, grid-based, Mediterranean properties like townhouses and apartments. Experience the beauty of themed villas and find your corner in this picture-perfect environment, laden with magnificent wonders at every corner.

  1. Parks and playgrounds in the midst of chaos: The communities in Abu Dhabi, although maybe in the middle of a modern city with tall skyscrapers, do not fail to provide the benefits of a suburban lifestyle. You can find all types of dog parks, playgrounds, children’s parks, greenbelt walking areas, running trails and other open areas. Amid the hustle and bustle of a city like Abu Dhabi, you can find peace when you enjoy a serene sunset in the park, with your family and loved ones.

  1. Find recreational spots like no other place: The community life in these villas are made a fun experience thanks to the symphony of leisure centres and recreational spots. Sitting areas around a large central lake, massive pools, pool clubs: if you can think of it, chances are you will find it in these villa living environments. Take a stroll in the lakeside garden, ride your bike around the lake or enjoy a refreshing drink in the lake clubhouse, living near a lake has perks for all ages to enjoy.

  1. Find the convenience of retail outlets nearby: No matter how beautiful you find a place to sit and enjoy, good food makes any activity a better experience. The Planned communities in Abu Dhabi have dedicated places for retail outlets for shopping and food & beverage outlets, so you can enjoy a meal, a refreshing drink or anything else your heart craves when you are out and about in the community public spaces. Paired with scenic lake beauty, parks and recreation centres, the retail outlets are guaranteed to provide a fun time.

  1. Live an active life, without feeling the burden of mundane exercise: You can find amazing sports activities when you live in a community in Abu Dhabi. From tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts and other cutting-edge facilities. The fun continues with other sports activities like trail running, cycling and swimming. These activities not only keep your body fit but also powers your mind and nourishes the soul. The sports activities in the middle of such a scenic environment are a boon to anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

  1. Wellness centres provide a coherent stimulus to the mind, body and soul: You can find state-of-the-art wellness centres providing professional wellness services like yoga routines, massage treatments and meditation classes. You can find world-class professionals guiding you through these realms of the finer experiences in life.

In conclusion

Finding a property in a busy city like Abu Dhabi can seem like a daunting task. Going with villas in community living environments is a safe bet, as it encompasses all the requirements you may have. You can find the best living environments when you choose the marvels like the Bloom living villas and townhouses. Visit their website, schedule a physical visit and find out yourself what this amazing community has to offer you and your loved ones. Tucked away in the middle of all the chaos of Abu Dhabi, find your peaceful spot when you call one of these villas your home sweet home.

By pauline