Home Builders Melbourne know that building a house from scratch is never easy. This is the reason why people are more enticed on buying homes that are already built. A house that is built from scratch is time-consuming. In fact, there are times when the contractors miss their deadlines due to all sorts of problems. Even if the best is hired for the job, there are a lot of pitfalls and surprises in building a home as well as the weather. The best home builders in Melbourne can do is to make sure that no delay is made even longer than necessary. People think that constructing a home begins with the first excavation for the laying of the foundation.

Unfortunately this is not the case as it nearly always begins with the financing stage. Some consumers find it hard to get financing, while others breeze through it. In any case, most construction jobs begin here. There are, of course, exceptions to this depending on the bank’s requirements and the country’s laws. Some countries and banks prefer to see the construction house plans first. These two are actually interchangeable. House plans should be drawn up by experienced architects. There is no point in building a home from scratch if the house looks bad and ugly. Some home builders in Melbourne may have architects who are willing to be engaged. The contractors and architect will ask the family what they want their homes to be like. And he will then draw up several samples of plans.

The family should also ask for village regulations regarding home architecture. Far too many home constructions have already been halted and delayed simply to correct and alter designs that do not meet the village’s guidelines Chances are, if this is the family’s first home construction, they will know no person to work as their contractor. It is advised that a thorough background research be done before inking the deal with any builders as the family’s well-being and safety must be the paramount concern. Before the deal is inked, it is also best if the family consults with a lawyer, who knows about the home building industry. The lawyer can check if the contract is fair to both parties, particularly to the family. The lawyer can also guide the family in securing the building permit from the authorities.

The Actual Grunt Work for Home Builders Contractors should be able to guarantee that when they give out a date on the start of the construction, they will start on that date. Everything begins with the excavation of the soil, where the house is to be constructed. This excavation is needed to secure the house’s foundation, plumbing as well as heating and electrical pipe-laying. If the soil is unstable or weak, this is also the time that specialized contractors are called in to strengthen it. After the foundations are secured and the cement is dried, the builders are now able begin work on the house’s structure. At this stage, all materials must be already present at the site. Construction projects have been known to suffer delays because the materials didn’t arrive in time. It is advised that the customer remains in constant contact with their suppliers to avoid delays. Slab and framing will be put up during this stage. Once the cement has settled, the trusses and roofing will follow as well as insulation. Early on, families should immediately tell the builders if they want to change something from the design. Of course, changes can be done later on, but it would entail loss of time and waste of money. Earlier on in the excavation stage, the electricians and plumbers would have already installed the necessary pipes and wiring.

The pipes and wiring will now be connected and guided to their specific places. Clients are advised to put as many sockets as possible in every room and in strategic locations inside and outside. There can never be enough sockets, especially in this age where electronics and gadgets are in such a rave. The electrician will also install the alarm wiring as well as wires for utilities like telephones and cable. During this stage, the doors and windows will now be put into their proper places. At this stage, the builders will have its employees working on the house’s outside designs. Depending on the architect’s final house plan and on the clients’ specifications, this is the time when brickwork’s and gardening work will be done. This part of the work is actually the sign that the home construction is nearly there. The driveway, sidewalks if there is none and the garage floor along with the drywall constructions are also done during this stage.

Clients need to remember that they always have the freedom to informally inspect their home during construction. For formal and more detailed inspections, they must contact their builders so it can be scheduled well beforehand. This a special time in any construction project as this marks the end of the second stage. Some of the important things to check that appliance are installed properly and not damaged. Things like range-hood inspection , hot water inspection looking that the oven door is closing properly and hinges don’t squeak, and lastly checking the dishwasher. In fact, the home is now capable of being settled on.

Builders will always have the house cleaned before any formal inspection is done. The finishing stage using home builders People say that the finishing or the third stage actually takes the longest time to finish. Perhaps, it has something to do with the emotion of seeing the house nearly done. It gives life to the saying, ‘So near, yet so far’. Builders understand this and they are certainly doing everything they can to make the home construction go as fast as practicable and safe. Contrary to what most people think, the finishing stage is the most important in a home construction. Any contractor can excavate and build a house, but only the best can make wonders in the finishing stage. This stage is the most important and tedious of all the stages because any mistake or delay during this stage results to expensive and time-consuming repair jobs. As an insight, this is the time when the five-foot chandelier is mounted and hanged. That is how tedious the work is. As such, home builders only deploy skilled employees to houses that are already in the finishing stages.

Mistakes in this stage can mar the house as this stage is mostly concerned with how the house looks inside and out. This will be the house’s face to the public. The works starts with the wood work. Some families want fancy wood designs on their home. Of course, these wood works are not finished until these are cured and applied with varnish. The family may even ask the builders to install carpets, or carpet tiles on the bedrooms as well as add paint on the moldings and doors. And because the dirty and dusty work is done during the second stage, paint is applied on the house. Builders have people who are more than willing to help the family in choosing their paint colors. Paint is actually done in three coatings, but sometimes as many as four or five. Cabinets and fixtures are also put into place by the builders’ employees. Some families would opt to have linoleum or tiles as their flooring.

They should, of course, put it in the contract. Plumbing fixtures like faucets, toilets and showers will also be put during this stage by the builders’ plumbers. The building contractors’ electrician will come back to the project at this stage and put in the necessary lights, chandeliers, tap the wires together, install the phone wiring with the phone itself, ready the cable wires and everything that has anything to do with wires. The builders have employees that specialize in curtain designs and they can be valuable in making the house look relaxing and beautiful. And when everything is done, the building contractors will order another cleaning to be done. After that, then the family is called over by the builders for the final inspection and without a doubt the house’s turnover rites.

By pauline